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Spiritual Life is a Journey that you should never walk alone.

Online/App Resource //, The YouVersion Bible App has thousands of reading plans and devotionals that you can participate in as a group. While some of the devotionals are better than others (like, much better), it’s a fantastic -and free- platform that utilizes technology and social media.

Book Study // We can recommend a long list of fantastic books to read and discuss as a group. A few places to start might be Letters To The Church by Francis Chan, Surprise The World: 5 Habits of Highly Missional People by Michael Frost, or Life Together In Christ: Experiencing Transformation in Community by Ruth Haley Barton

Bible Study // Lastly, if you’re looking for resources to facilitate a deeper engagement of scripture together, check out NT Wright’s “For Everyone” series’ -OR- research/ask about the ancient spiritual practice of Lectio Divina; a transformative way to encounter God in scripture.

Format // each group is different, but our hope is that you would be able to develop deep and meaningful relationships within your small group. One of the best ways to do that is to share your story: simply ask and answer the questions, why are you wanting to be part of a small group, and how did you arrive there/here? In addition, spend time sharing and praying with one another. Talk through a high and a low of your week/month, and pray through those stories.

Serve, Study, Eat, and Play // look for opportunities to serve together, to study and learn together, to eat together, and even to hang out beyond your scheduled gatherings.

It Might Not Work // as much as we’d like to believe each group is a good fit, we know that is simply not going to be the case for everyone. Give the group 3 months, then discuss your future. Don’t be afraid to say “it’s not working” — this group is meant to be life giving, not draining.

Ask for help // if you have a question, comment, idea, or you feel stuck, please reach out to us ( We are here with and for you! ——