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Care & support is part of the good news.


If you need care or support, whether spiritual, emotional, or physical, we want to help. Use the contact form above or call the Church Office at 616.396.7550 with any requests. Below are some additional opportunities that you may be helpful.

Benevolence: It means ‘good for others.’ We as a faith community designate some of our resources to help out those struggling financially. In those times we come alongside to help pay for an electrical bill, some medicine, or a month’s rent. It is not a simple handout. It is not a long term financial assistance program. Those who continue to struggle financially and need additional assistance are required to work with a financial counselor. To make a request for financial assistance please fill out this form.

Mental Health Support: GRACE QUEST is a support group for people dealing with mental illness, and for their family and friends. GRACE QUEST offers a safe, welcoming and confidential gathering place that seeks to provide support, care, and education.

First Responders: Many members volunteer to provide transportation for our elderly and shut-ins. Requests can be made for doctor’s appointments and grocery shopping.