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Listening Sessions with the Denomination

On Behalf of the Governing Board,

Thank you for your participation in the Survey to help direct the Governing Board’s areas of focus in the coming months. Additionally, we appreciate those who shared comments to help clarify their values, voice their perspectives, and express their love and passion for Calvary.

View the results of the survey here!

After reviewing the results and discerning areas of focus, it became clear to the Governing Board that each of the four categories presented ought to be areas of focus in the coming months. We have a strong desire to collaboratively and effectively name areas of weakness, strengthen these areas, & walk together towards Gods preferred future of renewal.

Below, you will see both first step commitments on behalf of the Governing Board, and Long Term possibilities with invitations to participate along side the Governing Board and Staff:

Establishing Effective Communication
First Step Commitments:
-Sharing Governing Board minutes in a timely manner in the weekly email.
-Developing & sharing a robust organization chart with volunteer groups included.

Long Term Possibilities:
-Building a focus team to analyze Calvary’s current communication and develop more effective communication.
*Led by Dave Spaulding
*Partnering with Tom Strikwerda and Matthew Hochhalter
*Seeking congregation & staff involvement—

-Governing Board Members available for in person conversations on designated Sunday mornings.

Fostering Formative Preaching & Worship
First Step Commitments:
-Revising service evaluation process—developed by The Governing Board.

Long Term Possibilities:
-Identifying additional gatherings to worship together.
-Searching for a Worship Arts Director.
-Seeking opportunities to teach the why behind our worship gatherings.
-Revitalizing the Worship Advising Team—and inviting new participants—to serve as a dynamic source of feedback, evaluation, & creative ideation.

Discerning & Articulating our Shared Vision
Church Renewal Lab:
-Includes the collaborative work of the Church Renewal Team (see team list here), while seeking an abundant amount of congregational input.

Church Renewal Lab Next Steps:
-Starting on January 3, we’ll dive deep into a season of “Listening from Above” as we look, listen, and follow God’s leading through the book of Acts.
-We implore the congregation to participate in a scripture reading plan (Daily Devotional email -or- printed) including discernment questions and opportunities to share what you’re hearing from God. Go to to receive the daily devotional emails, or receive the printed reading plan at church; available on Sunday, January 3.

Cultivating Community & Culture
First Step Commitments:
-Pastor JD is relaunching a team—and supporting it with new members as needed, willing & able—to work towards fostering a community and culture of familial belonging, contagious joy, and active hope.

Long Term Possibilities:
-The Church Renewal Team will seek to discern and discover meaningful ways to grow in this area.
-Our Spiritual Life Formation Team (see team list here) will continue to explore ways to encourage and support small/life groups, and launch new initiatives that invite, cultivate, & empower all people at Calvary to live out their role in God’s story of redemption as agents of shalom. This team would welcome additional members at this time.
-The Prayer team (see team list here) is actively pursuing opportunities to build community and to shape culture through prayer resources and gatherings. We welcome everyone to participate in our monthly prayer gatherings—held on the first Monday of the month—and to consider joining this team

Go HERE if you have questions or desire to be a part of this process.

Thank you for your continued partnership in serving the Church
-The Governing Board