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Calvary has been a faithful presence in Holland, Mi for more than 100 years –and we continue on that journey. Our simple hope is to impact the community in which God has placed us by loving our neighbors as ourselves. We seek to do this by sharing our resources, helping in the neighborhood, by forming great relationships, and by investing energies into the development of communities located around Calvary.

We know that every person is created in the image of God, we honor them by never doing for someone what they are capable of doing for themselves. Instead we will support them by walking with them during their journey. Our ministry efforts are focused on development and the empowerment of communities and families.

If you would like to learn more about ways you can serve our local community through Calvary Local Missions, or if you have a serving idea, please contact the Missions Department with contact form above.

Service Saturdays with Habitat

Service Saturdays with Habitat

Sign up to help January 23 or February 27

Go HERE to Sign Up


Doors of Hope:

Phone 616-748-6017

Hungry for Christ:

Phone: 269-264-1307

Kids Food Basket

Phone: 616-796-8471

My House Ministry

Phone: 616-953-0772


Our Food Pantry at Calvary is ready to help anyone who is in need of food.

To set up an appointment call the church office at: 616.396.7550. A member of our Food Pantry team will return your call and get an appointment set up.